Life as a skeletal hench-person can be no easy job, and good employment can be difficult to find. So when the lair of a prominent evil necromancer is raided by a band of heroes, the mage in question does a quick vanishing act.


This leaves a lone skeleton guard with a quest to track down his former employer... 

Bark n Bone is what I like to classify as sitting firmly in the genre of 'Slightly less than epic' Fantasy.

It's basically what you get when you take one of the major npc cannon fodder minions of traditional fantasy mediums and make him your main character... then you go one step further and team him up with a cute puppy dog. 


Yes, that's me... the scruffy looking one.

No, not the elegant, regal beast on the right in the photo. That is my faithful companion and best mate, Oreo. He's the looks and brains.

So who am I?

Well I guess if you're still reading it's of some interest to you (you know, its not too late to get help)

I'm a Melbourne based writer/artist (I use the term writer loosely and the artist term even looselier :) )

I work in both the toy and comic industries but my true love is in sequential visual storytelling or comics if i'm not trying to sound as smart.

Bark n Bone is my second real crack at doing my own comic IP and the first that I kicked off as a webcomic.

I've always wanted to include dogs in my stories (Oreo makes me) and i really wanted to try and take a crack at something all ages friendly, a bit cartoony, and funny (my execution of the last is questionable).

Bet, you're regretting reading all the way to the end here... no you can't get those few minutes back.

Bark n Bone © Copyright Craig Bruyn. 2017. All Rights Resrved

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